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                Chinese Musical Instruments Standard Grade Exam

Guideline 2022, San Fransisco-Seattle



Exam Date:Nov 6th, 2022 (Follow the guideline to record video and submit by exam date.) 

Organizer:Standard Grade Examination Committee of the Central Conservatory of Music

Co-organizer:Higher Culture Group LLC

                         Echo Pipa Studio


 About the examination


The Chinese Musical Instruments Standard Grade Examination in Seattle

(refer as CCOM Exam Seattle) is organized by Standard Grade Examination Committee of the Central Conservatory of Music, hosted by Higher Culture Group, Seattle Echo Pipa Studio, and Seattle Chinese New Immigrants Center, which provides exam site support. The CCOM Exam Seattle strictly enforces the overseas examination registration process, textbook requirements and scoring standards as stipulated by the Standard Grade Examination Committee. The examiner of the Central Conservatory of Music will be inspected in person, and the applicants who pass the examination will be awarded the universal certificate by the Central Conservatory of Music.


CCOM Exam Seattle is the third exam area in the United States, in addition to Los Angeles and San Francisco, radiating Washington and Oregon. The examinations include: Zheng (Chinese zither), Pipa (Chinese lute), Yangqin (Chinese dulcimer), Erhu (Chinese bowed fiddle) and Dizi (Chinese flute).


  About the organizers:


★ Standard Grade Examination Committee of the Central Conservatory of Music is a music examination organization founded by the Central Conservatory of Music and composed by professors and experts from various majors in music. So far, there have been exam sites in nearly 50 cities of 24 provinces in China. As of 2015, the  has Central Conservatory of Music overseas standard grade examination has been successfully carried out in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.


★ Higher Culture Group is committed to cross-border culture exchanges between Chinese and United States, and creates high-quality music and art activities that serve the community and spread Chinese culture. The company has a Seattle Echo Pipa Studio Studio to work on Chinese music performance and education. Higher Culture Group works closely with major art groups, nonprofit organizations, and the Issaquah School District in Washington.


(Letter of Authorization from CCOM)

Application Requirements:

1、Age:6 years old-Adult

2、Instruments:Zheng, Pipa, Yangqin, Erhu , Dizi, Ruan.


i)Entry Level 1-3 grades, Intermediate 4-6 grades, Advanced 7-9 grades.

ii)Apply the grade according to personal technique level.

iii)Each applicants can only apply one grade per year.


Examination Contents and Requirements:

1、Designated Textbook:CCOM Standard Examination Textbook (Overseas version) 

2、Exam Contents:One music and two etudes of applied grade. Examinees under 18 required memorized the contents. (Two music for performance level.)

3、Instrument Requirements:Examinees must prepare own tuned instruments, no instruments will be

      provided by test sites.

4、Accompanying music is not applied to any grade and any age.


Examination Rules:

1、Examinees must report at the exam site 30 minutes prior to the start of the exam. Late arrivals may have

      their examination status rejected and no fee refund. Sick absent will be refunded 50% of the exam fee by

      providing doctor letter within 10 days from the exam.

2、Examinees must register with valid photo identification to gain Exam Permit. Without permit is not

      allowed to enter the exam sites.

3、Examinees or related persons are expected to attend to their personal belongs. The safety of examinees

      under 13 is also the responsibility of the parents or guardians who sign the application form.

4、With the exception of the staffs of CCOM Exam, all loitering, eavesdropping, watching and video/audio

      recording of any kind are prohibited in exam sites.

5、Any kind of exam violation is prohibited. Violators will have their exam status cancelled and may be 

      expelled from the exam site. If Examinees will bring handicapped support to the exam site, please specify

      the request in the application form.

6、The exam will be conducted in Chinese Mandarin. If the examinee requires English translation services,

      please specify the request in the application form.


Certificate Handling:

1、Evaluation Form will be sent to the teachers passing to the examinees after 30 business days.

2、Certificate of Accomplishment will be handled the same way after 90 business days.


Standard Grade Examination Committee of the Central Conservatory of Music and Higher Culture Group reserve the right of final evaluation.



Textbook Purchase:

1、Examinees must bring the designated original textbook for their exam. Copy of the book is prohibited.

      Failure to comply may result in rejection form the exam.

2、Textbook can be purchased from teachers and instructors.

  Price/ Set:

 Zheng    $ 45

 Pipa       $ 65

Dulcimer $ 40

  Erhu      $ 30

  Dizi       $ 25

Examination Fee

Include:Application, facility use, certification and handling, examiner fee, materials.

Not include:Textbook

 Grade 1  $65

  Grade 2  $75

 Grade 3  $80

 Grade 4  $90

 Grade 5  $95

   Grade 6  $105

   Grade 7  $115

   Grade 8  $130

   Grade 9  $145


Application Procedure: 

1、Last Day:August 30th, 2022

      Exam Date:Nov 6th, 2022

2、How to apply

i)Go to website:, find page CCOM Exam, click "Application Form" to download.       Read through the guidelines upon fill in the form. Examinees under 18 requires parents or guardian to sign

     the form.

ii)Please scan the signed form and e-mail to


     Accept Zelle pay or Pay pal:     

     Memo specify: Examinee's name and applied grade

An confirmation email will be sent out to examinee within 7 business days after mail arrival. If examinees not receiving within certain time frame, please contact us at:,or(302)3580366.

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