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Carrie Wang, the Pipa musician and educator, founder of Echo Pipa Studio.

Carrie is currently based in great Seattle area and is active in various ethnic cultural communities for performance and teaching. She is passionate about public welfare, and takes spreading Chinese culture as her own responsibility. She has established long-term relationship with charity organizations such as Seattle Little Masters Club and Boundless Parent Group


In 2015, Carrie took the lead in releasing the first English-language teaching video series on the network platform such as YouTube and Youku. This series received positive responses from Pipa fans all over the world. And she taught students from Thailand and Hungary online.


Born in Xiamen, China, Carrie is the next generation of a musician’s family. Her mother Kunli Li is a well-known Chinese Pipa virtuoso and professor from Xiamen University. Ms. Wang studied with Pipa master Lin Shicheng, professor Zhou Lijuan and having been brought up in the Pudong School of pipa playing, one of the most prestigious classical styles of Imperial China. Carrie is the first Chinese student, who is the recipient of a Master’s Degree in music education from College-Conservatory of Music at University of Cincinnati.

Carrie won the first prize of the “Ao mei tong” Cup China Grand Prix in Fujian and the Silver Award in the National Finals. And she won the gold medals in various competitions in the provinces and cities. She is the founding member of Haiyun Chinese Music Ensemble with outstanding young teachers from Xiamen University. The album "Sound of the sea" was published by Penta’s Music Group of Indonesia.

Carrie was invited to give performances all around the states, including: California, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Washington. Besides United States, Carrie was invited to perform in Indonesia and Hong Kong, Carrie directed her Pipa solo recitals in Watson Hall of College-Conservatory of Music at Cincinnati, Xiamen Gulangshu Island Music Hall in China and Music Performance Hall of University of New Brunswick in Canada.

Carrie has been conducting research and exploration of overseas music and folk music since her undergraduate years. She has been a lecturer at the Xiamen University Overseas Education College to introduce Pipa and other traditional musical instruments to foreign students. She once worked as a member of the editorial board to compile the "Chinese National Musical Instrument Journey", which was published by the Southwest Normal University Press. This book was used by many universities as textbooks for general-purpose courses. Additionally she is committed to research on how to teach Chinese instrument, the Pipa in public schools in the United States by carrying out course experiments in many primary and secondary schools. The research results are summarized into master's thesis, and the corresponding methodology has been used and tested since then.